Our Discounts

Sibling Discount

There is a 5% discount applied to the lowest Tuition Fee (only) for one sibling. This does not change or apply to more siblings when there are multiple siblings on one invoice. This must be automatically applied to the invoice at the time of its creation. In order to qualify for this discount, the Parents should pay the invoice total in full no more than one week after the Term has started. Failure to do so will exclude them from qualifying for Sibling Discount in the future.

Early Payment Discount

There is a 5% discount available from the total invoice value for early payment, which is full payment of the invoice total minus 5% at least one week before the Term starts. The invoice is prepared as usual & sent to the parent, it does not list the discount. In the accompanying e-mail, we calculate & clearly specify both the amount (i.e. invoice total minus 5%) and the date (i.e. one week before terms start at the latest) to the Parent when they pay on time they qualify for the discount. If they pay later or only part-pay they do not qualify so they should pay their original invoiced total.

Referral Incentive

There is a one-off 10% discount applied to the Tuition Fee (only), for the Parent who has made a successful referral. If there are siblings it is applied to the lowest Tuition Fee. It applies only when the Parents of the Student who has been referred have paid their initial invoice in full, so as such it would normally be carried forward to the following Term’s invoice.

NOTE: From now on there is NO discount available on Transport. The reasons for this are:

  1. We don’t make money on the school transport service, and
  2. Our school bus fees are among the lowest (compared to our competitors).

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