Welcome to FK Blue Marlins

The FK Blue Marlins is a not-for-profit club registered with the National Sports Council and Tanzania Swimming Association on the 3rd June 2021 with registration number NSC12727. The Club provides its Swimmers with the opportunity to train and compete at levels; absolute beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. We strive to provide a positive atmosphere in which to learn and develop the skills of competitive swimming. The Club provides swimmers with the opportunity to improve, strive to excel, enjoy the sport of swimming, and pursue their goals and dreams. Our swimmers are grouped by ability to ensure each swimmer receives the highest quality of support. The club’s year runs from 1 August to 31 July.

Joining the Club

FK International Schools boasts a diverse and accomplished team of swimming coaches dedicated to fostering aquatic excellence.

Coach Suh, also known as Mr. Selema M. Chisumo, brings seven years of coaching expertise to FK Blue Marlins at FK International Schools. His unique skills include safeguarding athletes from harassment and abuse, coaching swimming for individuals with disabilities, and holding certifications in swimming coach level two, first aid, scuba diving instruction, and international swimming teaching.

Ally Said Hassan, a seasoned professional with a decade of experience, specializes in instructing beginners. Holding certifications such as Level 1 Certification from the World Aquatics, Certified Therapy, Certified Lifeguard and Certified Lifesaving from the Dar es Salaam Marine Institute, Coach Ally brings a wealth of expertise to the pool.

Augustino Lucas Chamela, known for his three years of coaching experience, currently contributes his skills to FK International Schools and the Blue Marlins Swimming Club. His creativity shines through in developing innovative teaching methods for individuals with disabilities. Coach Tino holds various certifications, including the International Swimming Teacher Course, Life Saving Courses (Level I, II, III), and a Bronze Medallion Certificate. His personal achievements include serving as an Assistant Coach, being a national swimmer, and captaining the national swimming team.

Agness Geofrey Kimimba, a former national swimmer and captain of the national swimming team, brings seven years of experience to her coaching role at FK International Schools. Qualified through World Aquatics and the Tanzania Swimming Association, Coach Agness dedicates herself to helping young swimmers realize their dreams.

Collectively, the FK International Schools’ coaching team shares a common goal: transforming swimming into an opportunity for youth. With a commitment to creating awareness of aquatic skills nationwide to prevent drownings, these coaches embody excellence and dedication in their mission to shape the next generation of swimmers. For more information, please contact us through

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