These school bus policies and procedures have been established so students and parents in the FK International schools will receive information leading to an understanding of the expectation of students while they are being transported to and from school. 

These policies call for cooperation on the parts of students, parents, bus drivers, and other school personnel, and have been developed to promote safety. Parents are encouraged to study these policies and procedures with their child/children. Both parents and students should become familiar with what is expected for safe and orderly transportation to and from school.



  • Help bus drivers and assistants maintain scheduled pick up times by being ready 10minutes before the bus arrives. Students are to wait on their residential side of the street and at a safe place and not in their house. The School bus will wait on a child for 2 minutes before taking off to the next location.
  • When dropping off students at the end of the day, students are to go to their designated place of safety and remain there until the bus departs. This will ensure no students are in the “danger zone”.
  • Parents are responsible for the conduct of students while going to or from pick-up points and for students’ meeting the bus on schedule.
  • Students shall be waiting, in an orderly manner, at the assigned loading area to board the bus when it stops in the morning. No pushing or shoving will be allowed when boarding or getting off the bus.
  • After the bus stops, wait until you get a signal from the driver before crossing the streets to get on or off the bus.
  • Use caution crossing the road after getting off the bus. Some drivers of other vehicles may not observe the rule requiring them to stop for a stationary bus.
  • Only students that have made paid/made arrangements to pay will be allowed in FKIS buses.



  • Only students eligible for transportation and residing in FK International Schools are permitted to board and ride FK International School buses.
  • All students will be assigned seats on the bus by the driver/assistant.
  • Take assigned seats as soon as you get on the bus. No standing will be permitted.
  • No student shall leave or be out of his/her seat while the bus is in motion.
  • All parts of a student’s body shall be kept inside the bus, especially when a window is open.
  • Do not throw anything on the bus or out an open window.
  • Parents shall be financially responsible for any damage to the interior or exterior of the bus done by their child/children.
  • Illegal drugs of any type shall not be permitted on the bus at any time. 
  • No smoking or use of tobacco products shall be allowed on the bus at any time. 
  • Absolutely no alcohol is allowed on the bus at any time. 
  • Live animals (caged or otherwise), firearms, ammunition, explosives, or other dangerous materials and object which may interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle shall not be transported on the school bus. 
  • Large objects, including band instruments, are not to be transported on the bus unless they can be contained by the student so it is not a projectile. Furthermore, the instrument cannot obstruct the drivers’ view or block the aisle.
  • Learn how to get off the bus in case of an emergency. The bus driver will conduct practice drills periodically. 



  • The driver will be responsible for the orderly conduct of his/her passenger on the bus, the student is under the authority of, and directly responsible to the bus driver or assistant, where applicable. 
  • It should be clear that all suspensions or matters needing the principal’s attention will be handled and directed through him/her.


Morning transportation from Primary to Secondary campus: 7:15 AM

Afternoon transportation from Secondary to Primary campus: 2:30 PM




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