Welcome to FK International Pre & Primary School!

Our School is one of Tanzania's Best Schools.
We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

We are located in Mbezi along Africana road (between Whitesands roundabout and Bagamoyo Road) on a spacious and attractive campus which boasts some fantastic facilities …

  • Comfortable, modern classrooms with air-conditioning, internet and projectors
  • Swimming pool, sports field and two fully-equipped playgrounds
  • Specialist rooms for ICT and art
  • Fully-stocked library & Boarding facilities on campus
  • Dining hall serving breakfast & lunch
  • Dynamic and dedicated teachers from diverse backgrounds
  • Leadership team experienced in international education
  • Internationally recognised Cambridge curriculum and resources
  • Learning support for students needing extra help
  • Supportive and inclusive international community
  • Broad and varied extra-curricular activities programme


Throughout their time in pre & primary school, students should expect the following:

  • Find learning fun and enjoyable and to look forward to coming to school with enthusiasm and a clear sense of purpose. They will be academically ambitious, enjoy the intellectual satisfaction of success and take pride in their achievements and have high standards of behaviour and discipline.
  • Experience a variety of traditional and modern learning methods including inquiry-based education and use of technology in the classroom. They also receive a balanced 21st-century education and broaden their range of skills to compliment academic subjects with art, music, sport and drama.
  • Study a rigorous, truly international curriculum which is broad and challenging, aimed at stimulating critical thinking, analytical thought and an enjoyment of learning. Students have regular assessments and feedback so they can have their effort, progress and achievements valued and recognised and so build confidence and also receive the support they need to constantly improve in weaker areas.
  • Develop a truly international outlook and be global citizens by appreciating issues that are of global concern. This also means developing their leadership skills, interpersonal & communication skills and spirit of adventure and teamwork.

All of this helps us develop the Cambridge Learner Attributes in each and every child


In pre-school, a modified version of the Early Years Foundation Stage is used. There is plenty of opportunity for learning through play and discovery but also a structured programme which includes language activities to promote literacy, number activities to promote numeracy as well as science, library, PE, swimming and art.

In primary school, the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum, outlined here is followed in English, Maths and Science. Detailed schemes of work, assessment material and other resources are available to teaching staff on the Teachers’ Support website.  In class, only teaching materials (textbooks and corresponding workbooks) which have been officially endorsed by Cambridge are used. This helps to ensure that international standards are maintained.

Other subjects use the National Curriculum of England as a guideline. We use resources designed for an international version of this curriculum for ICT, geography & history. Other subjects taught are French, Swahili, PE, swimming and art. In addition, in Key Stage 1, there is a special focus on skills in reading, writing and spelling.

The extra-curricular programme includes field trips and weekly clubs such as karate, swimming, football, netball, drama, debate, song & dance, music, computers, chess etc.


Creche (2+ Years)
Nursery (3 - 4 Years)
Reception Class (4 - 5 years)
Primary (Key Stage 1)
Year 1 (5 - 6 Years)
Year 2 (6 - 7 Years)
Primary (Key Stage 2)
Year 3 (7 - 8 Years)
Year 4 (8 - 9 Years)
Year 5 (9 - 10 Years)
Year 6 (10 - 11 Years)

NOTE: Children are placed into a grade level according to age. Maturity, educational background and level of achievement are considered, but the school reserves the right to place each child in the class and grade level deemed to be the most appropriate and beneficial. An observation period will confirm the placement decision.

“Education should be about providing opportunities to discover, develop and apply a broad range of interests and abilities which will allow each person to lead the most fulfilling life possible and have the most positive impact on those around them.  International education adds another dimension to this and is a unique opportunity to provide an even more diverse and stimulating experience.  Each student should be provided with the opportunity to discover and develop their own strengths so they can go out into the world with the best possible chance of personal success.”


Year 6 students take the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations in April. These are external examinations, set and marked by Cambridge examiners. They are designed to assess a student’s achievement at the end of their primary education, before moving on to secondary. They provide a complete analysis of their strengths and weaknesses in English, mathematics and science. Each student receives a statement of achievement from Cambridge showing their scores in each subject. The school also receives a detailed report comparing our results to a worldwide average to help us ensure we maintain international standards of education.