The Second Term was very educative and very exciting!!
Key stage 1 (Comprising of Year 1 and Year 2) along side the Year 3’s were very keen in developing the
learner’s reading skills.
They found out that reading books increases their spelling skills, grammar and story writing skils too.
During this time the Year six were so deep in revising for their Checkpoint exams held on 11th
to 13th April 2022.
FK International School, despite the Academic life, has also had so many fun and eventful activities.
This entails:
• Christmas Carols that pawed way for Christmas and New year Festival season.
• Charity Day which was both emotional and educative especially for our children.
• Annual Swimming Gala that included fun relays both students, teachers and parents.
• FK International Day that managed to bring all of us together as one big united community.
• Camping event where our children experienced tyedying, treasure hunt, bon fire and sleeing
outdoors in tents.
“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, all play and no work makes Jack a dumb boy.”