It is a huge relief to see the school return to normal after the COVID-19 closures and a pleasure to see so many students happy to be back. There is positive energy around the school which makes for an excellent learning environment. The students are now well into their new topics; a truly great start to the academic year!

Music lessons: Parents interested in the extra-curricular music lessons offered by Koshuma’s Music Bus should contact them on 0785-422-058 to arrange payment. The cost is TSh 60,000 per month for a 30-minute lesson each week during club time just before home time (Tuesdays in primary, Wednesdays in secondary).

PTA: The school is seeking volunteers for the PTA who will be actively involved in promoting the school and representing parents by suggesting improvements to management. Any parents willing to join the PTA should attend the meeting on Saturday 19th September at 10 am at the Bahari Beach campus.

Polite reminder: students should be sent to school with the correct kit for swimming / PE on the appropriate days.

Dates to Note

Saturday 19th September

PTA Meeting

Monday 5th October

International Teachers’ Day

Thursday 8th October

Sports Day


Parents are reminded to check the student diary daily and use it to communicate with the class teacher on any concerns so that any shortcomings can be addressed and sorted out in a timely fashion.


Students have now chosen their extra-curricular activities for this term. The clubs on offer include sports (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis & fun swim) and creative activities (drama, debating & Yearbook). Next term there will be table tennis, board games, and dance too!

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