There are lots of exciting events to look forward to this term, including Sports Day on Thursday 8th October and the Talent Show in December when students will get to perform using the new microphones & loudspeakers. Later in the year, there is International Day (March), class field trips in May, and finally graduation in July. Somewhere in between will be the school inter-house swimming gala too! The former names for the three houses have been resurrected so we now have Lions (yellow), Leopards (blue), and Tigers (green). We all know tigers do not come from Africa but remember we are an international school! House points can be awarded by staff at any time for excellent behaviour, effort, or achievement in any aspect of school life (academic, social, sports, etc). Let’s see which house has the most house points at the end of the week!

Dates to Note

Tuesday 8th September

World Literacy Day

Monday 5th October

International Teachers’ Day

Thursday 8th October

Sports Day


There is class reading time each morning from 7.00 to 7.30 so children should be dropped to school on time to get maximum benefit in order to promote better organisation, punctuality and uniform will contribute towards grading on reports this year, as well as academic progress.


Year 10 students have now selected their subject options and begin their chosen IGCSE courses today. The new library is now open and has been boosted by a consignment of over 200 more books.

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