Dates to Note


Students return to school.

Welcome back to everyone returning after a long break. There is great excitement for the start of the new academic year starting Thursday 27th August, when students will get to see their favourite friends and teachers as well as meet new ones. An especially warm welcome to the many new families joining our school this year!

New developments.

The new classroom block at secondary is nearing completion and the 5 spacious rooms will include a library, art room, and eventually a second science laboratory. The grandstand at the swimming pool is now open so we can also look forward to hosting swimming competitions soon. The playground at primary has been renovated including shade to cover the entire area from the hot sun and there is a new art room too.Students can also look forward to using brand-new, full-colour, original Cambridge textbooks in class. These will not be issued to individual students to take home but will remain in the classroom to be distributed by the teacher for use during the lesson. Students will no longer have to worry about carrying heavy bags or losing books! Appropriate exercises from the corresponding workbook will be photocopied and given to students for homework. Marked worksheets will then be filed by the teacher to build up a portfolio of the student’s work which is given to parents at the end of the term. Revision material will be provided in preparation for exams.


Communication with parents.
Each student is given a diary which is used for communication with parents on day-to-day issues such as homework, lateness, uniform, minor behaviour issues, reminders, etc. Parents and teachers should check the child’s diary every day. There is also space for extra comments at the end of each week and a record of the total number of house points awarded. Parents and teachers can also communicate by using the class e-mail address given on page 2 in the diary. Our code of conduct is outlined on page 5 and there are sections at the back for recording incidents, absences, and also a reading log for primary children.

In addition, pre-school and primary school class teachers should send home an introductory letter (paper and by e-mail) at the start of term introducing themselves, outlining what students will be learning that term and giving details of how parents can contact the teacher.

The weekly newsletter goes out to parents on Monday each week, in both paper format for day students to take home as well as by e-mail. All other formal communication to parents will be conducted via e-mail. It is important that parents give the school an e-mail address which is in regular use and inform the school of any change.

There will be an opportunity to meet the teachers informally over refreshments & snacks at our “Greet & Meet” event on Friday 4th September from 2-5 pm. The IGCSE information evening for Year 10 students will take place at the secondary campus on Friday 4th  September at 6 pm.

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