Dates to Note

Thursday 2nd July

Certificates issued in Google Classrooms.

Friday 3rd July

Last day of the school year:

Parent-Teacher Conference

School campus

12.00 -16.00.

Mon 13th July – Fri 21st Aug

Summer Catch-up Programme.

Thursday 27th August

Students return for first day of the new academic year.

Housepoint Champions 2019-2020

The academic year ends this Friday 3rd July and the next academic year begins on Thursday 27th August 2020. By that time, the school should be functioning normally again and students will have graduated to the next class. This transition is especially significant for Reception class going to Year 1 and also Year 6 students going from primary school to Year 7 in secondary school. Congratulations and good luck to them all as they continue their educational journey. Congratulations to all the students who completed the online learning programme and thanks to all the teachers for their efforts in adapting to online classes. We can now look forward to seeing each other at school after the holidays!

Graduating Classes 2019-2020

Reception Class

Year 6


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