Dates to Note

Monday 29th June

Newsletter Special Edition:
“Graduation” classes

Thursday 2nd July

Certificates issued

Friday 3rd July

Last day of the school year:

Parent-Teacher Conference

School campus

12.00 -16.00.

This academic year ends on Friday 3rd July and the next academic year begins on Thursday 27th August 2020. By that time, the school should be functioning normally again. However, both school campuses will be open to students from Monday 29th June for the last week of the school year. It will not be a return to the normal timetable. There will be special arrangements which are designed to maximise educational opportunities but minimise the spread of infection.

Hygiene regulations

The current regulations are outlined below but they will be reviewed as the situation develops.

Keep your distance: ALL persons must maintain a minimum distance of 1m from other people AT ALL TIMES. There should be NO physical contact at any time, including greetings. Distancing is especially important when pupils are seated in class. Students must be supervised at all times. Break/lunchtimes and visits to the toilet will be staggered and directed by staff on duty. There will be no assemblies or events with crowds.

Wear your mask: No-one will be allowed to enter school premises unless they are wearing a mask covering nose and mouth. Parents are expected to provide masks for children, the school will provide for its employees. ALL persons should keep their mask on covering nose & mouth AT ALL TIMES except when eating or drinking.

Wash your hands: No-one will be allowed to enter school premises until they have sanitized their hands at the gate. ALL persons will wash their hands hourly with soap & water outside each classroom. Staff will sanitize tables, chairs & other surfaces throughout the day.

Mind your health: Anyone with any signs of illness and those with medical conditions eg asthma should NOT come to school. Anyone with symptoms or those disobeying hygiene rules will be immediately isolated. Employees will be sent home and for students, their parents will be called to take them home.

Special arrangements for the rest of this academic year


A complete curriculum and full timetable is expected to resume in August.

Most parents will be willing to send their children to school for face-to-face lessons with the teachers, whilst others would prefer to keep them at home for the time being and continue learning online. We are therefore offering both options to give parents maximum choice. We will continue with the online timetabled curriculum but with teachers conducting these same lessons in their classroom on campus.

Parents then have the free choice of whether and when to send students to campus for face-to-face teaching and to get clarification/explanation from teachers OR to continue the online option. Parents will even be able to “mix & match”, sending them a few times a week or as desired.

A complete curriculum and full timetable is expected to resume in August.

Other services

All services (school transport, meals, boarding, clubs, etc) are expected to resume in August.

School transport: Parents will be expected to arrange transport to and from campus. (Enforcing hygiene regulations on school transport is extremely difficult).

School meals: Students should come with their own packed meals and water bottles. (Drinking water will be available).

Boarding: The boarding house will remain temporarily closed.

All services (school transport, meals, boarding, clubs, etc) are expected to resume in August.

End-of-year arrangements

Examinations: Despite the circumstances, teachers will have completed the syllabus by the end of this term. However, formal assessments are clearly impractical in the circumstances. Therefore, all students will receive a Certificate of Completion and will progress to the next class on the basis of achievements in school August 2019- April 2020 and at home April-July 2020. Assessments will take place at the beginning of the next academic year to confirm this. Any students identified as not being ready for the new class will receive the necessary intervention and support to allow them to catch up quickly. Repeating the previous class would only be recommended in consultation with parents. There will be a PTC at school in the last week of this term so parents have the opportunity to discuss with teachers.

Graduation: Large public gatherings should be avoided so any graduation would be marked at the start of the new academic year, as students begin the next stage of their school career.

IGCSE Subject Options: There will be an information evening presentation for Year 9 students & parents at the beginning of the new academic year before making their choice of IGCSE subjects

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