Dates to Note

Thursday 21st May

Progress reports issued

Friday 22nd May

End of half term & Parent-Teacher conferences (by phone)

Mon 25th – Fri 29th May

Half-term holiday International Day activities

Monday 1st June

School resumes International Day

Next week during half-term holidays, students are encouraged to undertake projects relating to the country their class chose last term. Activities could include colouring the flag or other artwork representing the country, wearing the flag colours, finding the country in an atlas, making a display poster with interesting facts about the country etc.
Please send PHOTOS of students enjoying these activities to by Friday 29th May to appear in a special edition of the newsletter on Monday 1st June. We could also include internet links to videos of our students performing a song or dance etc!  One activity everyone can do over half-term is the FUN QUIZ which will be issued in a separate e-mail a little later on today. It will take a bit of research and so parents are also encouraged to participate!  You will be able to check your score when the answers are published in the newsletter on Monday the 1st of June.

Progress reports will be posted on Google Classrooms during the course of Thursday the 21st of May. This leaves the last day of half-term, Friday 22nd, for parents to contact teachers by phone if they would like to discuss any concerns. Formal exams are clearly impractical in the circumstances so reports will necessarily be subjective and based on teacher observations such as active participation and the timely submission of high-quality assignments where student effort and understanding are evident.

The next newsletter will be on Monday the 1st of June. Please look out for e-mails / SMS communications from school about when and how students might be allowed to return to campus after half-term. In the meantime, Eid Mubarak and stay safe!

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