Dates to Note

Monday 18th May

Assessment week begins

Thursday 21st May

Interim reports issued

Friday 22nd May

End of half-term

Friday 22nd May

International Day

… and not forgetting …

Monday 14th May

Anniversary of the world’s
first-ever vaccination,
invented by Edward Jenner
in 1796!

As the free trial period comes to an end, I hope that all of our students have been enjoying their online digital learning experience. I also hope that parents have seen constant improvements in the service as teachers and students get used to Google Classrooms and explore all the exciting possibilities for interaction that it provides.

However, the continued development and success of our e-learning programme is dependent on fee collection. Whether online or face-to-face, the operational costs to the school remain fairly constant, with any savings largely offset by increased costs for internet provision. However, we are able to offer 15 % off tuition fees for the duration of the e-learning programme. Parents who have already paid will have the balance carried forward. Please contact the finance office for more details. You are therefore urged to pay tuition fees (only) as soon as possible, if you have not already done so, for continued and uninterrupted access to our digital online learning.
We will also be considering the possibility of extending the school calendar to make up for lost face-to-face teaching time. Thank you to our parents for their continued support and understanding in these difficult times. Stay safe and keep learning!

Please e-mail with any photos of our students learning at home which could be included in newsletters or school social media posts (as well as any helpful suggestions for improvement!).

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