Dates to Note

Thursday 23rd April

William Shakespeare’s birthday

Friday 1st May

May Day (public holiday)

Welcome back after the Easter holidays as we start the first day of term with our online digital learning programme or “e-learning”! Due to the extension of the government ban on students returning to campus, we have moved to “Google Classrooms”, which is an exciting opportunity for students to experience a more dynamic and stimulating learning environment. Thanks to the many parents who have already paid tuition fees and are enjoying the benefits of e-learning.

We appreciate that this will cause inconvenience to some households as they struggle to adapt but it is relatively straightforward to set up. The minimum requirement at home is for students to have use of a device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC) with internet connection as well as access to a Gmail account (which is free to set up). Once the student’s Gmail address has been forwarded to the finance office at and tuition fees paid, they will be added to the class list and sent an official e-mail inviting them to join the Google class. After accepting the invitation, the student will receive step-by-step guidance from the teacher on how to use Google Classrooms. The sooner this is done, the sooner your child(ren) can join in and benefit from the online lessons. There is a very useful introduction to Google Classrooms at:  For further clarification, please contact Mr Matthews (Primary ICT co-ordinator) on 0676-768-090 or Mr Ndolla (Secondary ICT co-ordinator) on 0686-715-171 during working hours.

There will be a full programme of lessons Monday – Friday from 08.30 until 15.00. Initially lessons will run according to a modified timetable but we will be constantly looking to improve and expand the service as we receive parents’ feedback. Teachers will work from home but will be available for real-time communication during all of the sessions according to the Online Learning timetable. Recorded content for the online lessons and all documents and materials will also be available for you to download at any time when it’s convenient. Progress reports will then be issued during the course of the term, once teachers have had adequate opportunity to conduct suitable assessments. Progression to the next Year group in August will depend on participation and progress in the e-learning programme.

Any feedback on this new initiative is welcomed and you are encouraged to e-mail the principal at  with any helpful suggestions for improvement (as well as photos of students learning at home which could be included in newsletters or school social media posts!).

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